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The CEO of a $5 – $300 million company is a lonely job. She or he is severely challenged every day and generally does not have access to deeply experienced independent advisors.

What are my goals, what are realistic options, whose opinion can I trust, what are the implications of my decision, what could go wrong – really wrong, how can I get more help to get through this.

Rick Williams helps the CEO, the board and the leadership team make the crucial decisions that will shape the future of the company. Rick works with his clients as a business advisor when the CEO and leadership team are at a critical decision point for their organization. He brings broad experience and a mature perspective to each deliberation and to the execution phase.

Advisory Services

Rick is a nationally published though leader on how to improve a company’s chances for success. Click on each of these topics to go to an overview of the approach he recommends.

Rick is a founding partner of the Newport Board Group’s New England practice and is based in Boston. He brings Newport partners from around the country into assignments when their unique experience will benefit the client. Newport has approximately 75 partners nationally with deep CEO and board of director level experience across a wide range of industries and functional specialties.

Newport does not finance companies and is not a broker-dealer. But in addition to helping companies prepare for funding and prepare to be sold, Rick has access nationally to many IBs, private equity and other investors and can help companies identify appropriate funding sources. Rick’s work has included getting companies ready to talk to investors, investment banks, lenders and potential acquirers. He has clarified the company’s value proposition and translated the company’s story into one that will be compelling to investors.

Board of Director Service

In some cases, a client will need the longer term benefits of an experienced, outside independent director. In this role, Rick contributes to the board being a value add for the company and its leadership and serving as a guardian of the overall interests of the organization and its shareholders.

Rick currently sits on two med tech company boards and a software platform company serving the financial services industry. He has been board chair of a quasi public bank/VC firm and a medical device company.

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