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Raising Equity Capital – Getting Started

Equity capital — not debt — is the life blood of emerging and growth companies. Raising equity for your venture is selling part of the company and giving up some control. You are also taking on new partners. As CEO, your challenge is to find investors who understand and share your vision for the company, whose investment objectives are a match for your company and who will commit to a long term relationship with you and the company. For these investors, the bottom line question will be whether you have a plan for creating a profitable business that will adequately reward them for the risks they are taking. Read More

Growing to Scale: Overcoming Barriers to Success

Few successful small companies are able to grow significantly larger. The strengths of the $5 to $15 million revenue company usually do not translate to a successful larger company. The founding CEO and key partners must first decide if they want, in effect, to re-launch the company and change it dramatically—the way it is run, the way it is financed, the way it connects with its customers and possibly its leadership. Creating a Growth to Scale Profile™ and a realistic plan for overcoming the barriers to growth are the next steps. Read More

Maximizing the Value of Your
Company for Sale

Selling a company – large or small – is a long, complex process. Value is established well before the company is offered for sale. Getting a high sale price requires understanding the firm’s potential value to the most likely buyer and preparing the company to be as close as possible to the High Value Profile™ most valued by that buyer. Preparation – over 1 to 3 years – will maximize the selling price. Read More

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Growing to Scale: Overcoming Barriers to Success

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Maximizing the Value of Your
Company for Sale

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Raising Equity Capital – Getting Started

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